Free Solar PV Health Check? Is It A Scam

Had a call offering a Free Solar PV Health Check? Is it a SCAM?

We recently seem to have been inundated by calls from customers with regards this topic. Many are saying they have been contacted by companies offering a ‘free solar PV health check’ for their solar PV system.

Most appear to be receiving letters addressed to ‘The Homeowner’. These companies are claiming that if your original solar installer has gone out of business or your system is more than 5 years old, then you should be looking to take up one of their ‘maintenance packages’ or paying out to ‘upgrade’ your existing solar system.

However, is this really necessary? In our opinion – definitely not!

  • If your solar system has worked just fine for the past 5-10 years then there is no need to touch it. Your warranty could become invalid if you allow an unqualified person to tamper with it!
  • If there is a problem with how much your system is generating, your energy company will be in touch to let you know.
  • Be wary of wild claims about improving your existing generation.
  • If your inverter is working fine, then there is no need to replace it.
  • Nothing is free! And any ‘free health check’ will undoubtedly lead to some paid work from somewhere.
  • In some instances, it is being claimed that solar PV systems that are older than 5 years old are a fire risk. This is not the case.

What should you do if you received letter offering a free solar PV health check?

Quite frankly, we think it’s best that you ignore these letters. If you respond, without a doubt they will badger you until you give in and sign on the dotted line.

Most of these letters will be addressed to the ‘homeowner’. However if they do have your personal details on then you should ask how they have come across them. MCS will never pass on customer information to a third party.

If you start to feel intimidated or under pressure then you should report them to Trading Standards.

What should you do if you do have a problem with your solar PV system?

In the first instance contact the investor manufacturer. The manufacturer will let you know if your product is still under warranty. If it isn’t then contact a qualified electrician who is MCS accredited and has experience in installing and repairing solar PV systems.

What should you do if you need roofing working under solar PV panels?

If you find yourself in need of Re-roofing a Solar Panelled Roof it is vitally important that you contact a roofer who has experience in this field. Many say they have then leave it to the customer to arrange to have the panels removed. This is easier said than done.


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