Roof Restoration at the Old Smithy, Thorp Arch

CASE STUDY: Roof Restoration of the Old Smithy

Location: Thorp Arch Estate, Boston Spa, Wetherby

The Smithy dates back to early C19 and is located on The Green in the centre of Thorp Arch, Wetherby. This building is Grade II listed for its special architectural and historic interest but in dire need of roof restoration.

Thorp Arch is known for its unique blend of high quality countryside and attractive historic village. The local Parish works hard to maintain the conservation area of the old village and sympathetically maintain the areas outside to retain the character of the Parish.

Roof Restoration, Old Smithy, Thorpe Arch

Roof Restoration,The Old Smithy, Thorpe Arch

The Old Smithy, Thorpe Arch

Before Roof Restoration

The Old Smithy is a single story property currently being used as a plumber’s store. It dates back to the early C19. and sited on the Thorp Arch estate.

Despite the property being Grade II listed, the roof the property was in a terrible state of disrepair, as can be seem in the above photographs, and in dire need of roof restoration.

Roof Restoration, Old Smithy, Thorpe Arch

Roof Restoration at the Old Smithy, Thorpe Arch

Roof Restoration of the Old Smithy

The roof restoration works comprised of:

  • Carefully taking down the existing chimney stack in individual pieces and numbering these so they went back in the same positions.
  • Removing the existing slates and storing these at ground level in order of sequence.
  • Removal and disposal of the existing rooflight.
  • Removal of the existing timber rafters and the existing defective timber purlins. These were uses as templates in order to replicate a like for like timber structure.
  • Reuse of any timber purlins which were still structurally sound.
  • Levelling off the internal wall with a course of reclaimed brick and then install new timber wall plate.
  • Fixing new restraint straps internally down the internal face of the wall.
  • Reconstruction of the timber structure and new purlin as required, new rafters, new wallplate and new ridge plate.
  • Installation of new timber fascia boards
  • Installation of new cast aluminium guttering and new cast aluminium fall pipe.
  • laying new breathable felt and battens  across the roof structure.
  • Rebuilding the chimney stack with the existing stone.
  • Relaying the existing slates and source any reclaimed slate necessary.
  • Installation of new Velux conservation window
  • Installation of new lead flashings and new lead soakers around the chimney stack.
  • Re-bedding the ridge tiles and the verge ends with lime mortar.

The finished result of this roof restoration project is a testament to the skill of our roofers who have done an excellent job!



If you have a heritage property and would like to discuss roof restoration works please contact us today. It is possible to bring old, dilapidated buildings back to life with he skill of a good heritage roofer! 


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